Become Our Partner in Your Country

Want to be Our Partner in your Country?

Premisus Country Partner is a business opportunity offered to innovative companies that wish to represent, support and expand together with us. Our partners may include agencies which deal with mobile marketing , digital content marketing, creativity and communication, public relations or even real estate itself. We also welcome printers, publishers and developers. Basically, if you think that you can add to our current offering in any way, we would like you to be in touch with us.
Real estate needs are rapidly growing. The tech users of today are both creative and innovative and because of this, augmented reality is a fast feature that is becoming the global standard. By becoming our Partner, you are putting yourself in an immediate position to take advantage of this growing trend.
You can now engage with game-changing technology to boost your sales effectively. We are ready to share with you so learn from our experience and insights. We are here to support you and together, we will grow worldwide and expand on our knowledge and extend our reach.