About Premisus

All About Spaces and Places

We are a team of passionate individuals who developed Premisus simply because we saw a need for a professional and reliable platform which met our needs as end users. With us, you will find everything you need to do with real estate under one roof.

Need to rent an office space for a week?

As working professionals ourselves,we know its a hassle having to travel to visit several spaces before finding the right one. It can be a waste of time and too much to handle which means putting things off. What happens then is procrastination and panic because deadlines are getting closer and organising things fast becomes a priority.

We help you narrow things down, making the process a much more pleasant one. Why spend your time surfing the net for the best deal? With Premisus, you can be precise. Key in the type of property or service you require along with specifics like your budget, size, location and we will deliver what you are looking for, right there on your computer screen or your mobile phone.

Who says you have to be there to have the experience? We live in a world where everything is more accessible and whilst the internet is relatively easy to use, doing research and finding precise information can be time consuming. At Premisus, its all been done for you. You can rely on the information we provide to you.

“Simplify Things”